Vehicles with high centers of gravity – including SUVs, vans, buses, and semi-trucks – are particularly susceptible to rollover accidents. Customized pickup trucks are also involved in many rollovers. When natural vehicle instability is combined with the negligence of another driver, catastrophic injuries frequently result.

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Common Causes of Rollover Accidents in Texas

Rollovers, like all other serious accidents, are usually complicated events calling for detailed investigation and analysis by an experienced personal injury lawyer to determine who is ultimately responsible. However, here are a few of the most common causes:

  • Being forced off the road

  • Hitting another vehicle

  • Hitting a curb or soft shoulder

  • Speeding

  • Making sharp turns

  • Loss of tire traction or tire blowouts

  • Manufacturing or design flaws in the vehicle

Rollovers Related to Dangerous Vehicle Design

Occasionally, automobile manufacturers are at fault in rollover accidents. The vehicle may not have been designed correctly, or defects may have been introduced during the manufacturing process. My law firm represents individuals who have been injured, or whose injuries have been greatly increased, by:

  • Missing roll cages

  • Defective airbags

  • Collapsing side rails

  • Tire blowouts

  • Faulty seat belts

  • Roof crush accidents

  • Other defects

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