Professional And Diligent Representation In Contract Litigation

I represent Texas business owners and professionals in breach of contract disputes involving:

  • Oil and gas leasing agreements

  • Real estate contracts

  • Water rights agreements

  • Employment contracts

  • Intellectual property and licensing agreements

  • Trade secrets agreements

  • Construction contracts

  • Partnership dissolution agreements

  • Business purchase and sales contracts

  • Tortious contract interference

As an example of a typical business tort case, a client may have an executory contract to purchase a certain building, and he or she may invest a significant amount of money on architectural drawings and other preparations. In the meantime, the owner of the building ends up selling the property to someone else. I'm available to resolve such complex disputes.

Focused on Results while Keeping My Eye on the Bottom Line

Corporate defendants, their insurance companies and their legal advisers know which Texas business law attorneys are willing to take a case to trial and which are not. While most contract disputes eventually settle, having a lawyer with a respected trial record is important.

I have been practicing law in Texas since 1977. I'm a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates and a seasoned litigator. At the same time, I understand that a courtroom “win” that costs the client more than he or she gains is not worthwhile. My goal is to achieve cost-effective results that don't compromise your financial stability. In every case, I combine exhaustive investigation and preparation with the legal knowledge I have accumulated over the past 30 years of practice.

Contact Me

To arrange a free initial consultation about a real estate dispute, business sale dispute or another matter, call The Law Office of Thomas C. Hall, P.C. at 210-981-5224, or contact me by email.