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Water rights litigation is a significant issue in Texas. This is due in part to an increased demand for water to support oil field drilling at the Eagle Ford Shale and elsewhere in South Texas. It is also due to the fact that Texas is one of the fastest growing states in the U.S. in regard to population influx. All in all, the demand for water is increasing and will likely continue to increase over time.

At The Law Office of Thomas C. Hall, P.C., I have represented individuals throughout the area since 1977. A respected trial lawyer and dauntless advocate of our clients’ rights, I represent landowners involved in disputes with neighbors or with underground water districts.

An important issue in water rights litigation is the “rule of capture.” A recent Texas Supreme Court case held that a landowner has the right to pump water from his or her tract of land without concern about whether or not he or she is draining water from under the adjoining property.

A Reputation for Results in Groundwater Disputes

Texas has large deposits of fresh water in limestone aquifers throughout the state. Underground water districts have the right to regulate the pumping and sale of water from the various aquifers. Many of the cases I handle involve disputes between landowners who want to drill and sell large quantities of water and the underground water districts that protest such action.

In other situations, water rights litigation involves various landowners or business partners. In one high-stakes case, I represented a water well driller who was embroiled in a dispute with his two partners in the Water Exploration Co. of San Antonio. The jury determined that the two other partners and developers had acted with malice to deprive our client of his fair share of the company. The jury awarded punitive damages in addition to the original $70 million award.

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